0.2 Credits

Original Rules: Robin D. Laws

Further Development: Greg Stafford, Ian Cooper, David Dunham, Mark Galeotti, Stephen Martin, Jeff Richard, Neil Robinson, Roderick Robinson, David Scott, Lawrence Whitaker

Additional Contributions: Shannon Appelcline, Simon Bray, David Cake, Dave Camoirano, Melissa Camoirano, John Carnahan, Charles Corrigan, David Dunham, Alex Ferguson, James Frusetta, Phil Hibbs, Simon D. Hibbs, Jeff Kyer, Martin Laurie, Mark Leymaster, Julian Lord, Rick Meints, Peter Metcalfe, Peter Nordstrand, Wesley Quadros, Mikael Raaterova, Jamie Revell, Graham Robinson, Jonas Schiött, Gary Sturgess, Ian Thomson, Nils Weinander

Chained Contests and Plot Edits from Mythic Russia © copyright 2006, 2010 Mark Galeotti; developed by Graham Robinson (for “Chained Contests”) and added as Open Game Content here with permission.

Material in Section 1, Introduction and Section 2, Basic Mechanics © copyright 2018 Jonathan Laufersweiler and added as Open Game Content here with permission.

QuestWorlds SRD with annotations for individual contributions can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/iancooper/QuestWorlds/pulls.

Development of this version: Ian Cooper

Development Assistance for this version: Jonathan Laufersweiler, James Lowder, Michael O’Brien, Jeff Richard, David Scott

Proofreading of this version: Martin Helsdon


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