1.3 Basic & Advanced Mechanics

As the QuestWorlds engine is oriented towards rules-light play, we designate some mechanics as "Basic" and others as "Advanced."

Basic rules represent the minimum mechanical structure you need to play a game with the feel of QuestWorlds, while advanced rules add mechanical depth to areas of play which you might wish to emphasize, though possibly at a cost in speed of play.

In this document, we put advanced mechanics in their own section from the relevant basic mechanic section.

The advanced mechanics can be added to play individually; you do not have to bring them in together. In cases where an optional mechanic depends upon or interrelates with another optional mechanic, we note that in the text.

If this is your first time reading these rules, you may wish to skip over these sections. Return to them once you understand the basic mechanics. Similarly, if this is your first time playing these rules, you may wish to omit the advanced rules at first, getting a feel for the game in its simplest form, and then add them in as you want more depth. Your GM may even decide to employ certain advanced rules on a case by case basis, providing more detail or nuance to particularly interesting conflicts where beneficial, while otherwise taking a lighter approach.

1.3.1 Who Is This Document For

The primary audience for this document is game-designers who wish to utilize the QuestWorlds rules framework to implement their own game.

We also recognize that some people will use this document to learn about the QuestWorlds system before purchasing it, and some players in games were the GM has a rule book, may use this as a reference to help understand the rules.

For that latter reason, we address the rules here to a player.

However, this remains a technical document with few examples, advice, or other non-rules text to help you play your game, as such are beyond the scope of this System Reference Document.

It is expected that the designers of games you play based on these rules will include such guidance and context as is relevant to their game’s particular genre or setting, presented in a format better suited for learning how to play.


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