1.5 Participants

1.5.1 Players

You and your fellow players each create a Player Character (PC) to be the "avatar" or "persona" whose role you will play in the game. The PCs pursue various goals in an imaginary world, using their abilities, motivations, connections, and more to solve problems and overcome story obstacles that stand in their way.

When we say ‘you’ in this document we may mean the player or their PC. Which should be clear from context, or explicitly noted.

1.5.2 Game Master

Your Game Master (GM) is the interface between your imagination and the game-world in which the PCs have their adventures; describing the people, places, creatures, objects, and events therein. Your GM also plays the role of any Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with whom your PC interacts in the course of your adventures.

We generally refer to the GM as ‘your GM’ in this document’s player-facing language. However, if you are the GM for a given game, this naturally refers to you.


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