2.12 Mobs, Gangs, and Hordes

Sometimes you will face large numbers of opponents. Your GM can treat many as one. Your GM divides the number of opponents by the number of contesting PCs. Your GM then treats each of these sections of the crowd as a single opponent with one rating. Their numbers are factored into the rating your GM assigns to them.

If in doubt, your GM should think of the resistance that would be dramatically appropriate for a single opponent and then adjust it with a bonus of +3, +6 or +9 depending on how outnumbered you are. No more than six foes can typically contend with you in a physical confrontation, or two in a social one, or they tend to get in each other’s way.

When the mob loses an exchange, your GM describes individuals within it as being hurt or falling away. When it wins, describe them overwhelming you, or swelling in numbers.


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