2.13 Ganging Up

Sometimes you may outnumber your opponent. For a simple contest this can be often be handled by having your PC on point, and the other PCs augmenting you, breaking the usual rule on multiple augments if more than one person should be able to support you. Your GM may only allow as many of you to augment as they feel would help, not get in each other’s way. For a group contest, long or simple if you enjoy a numerical advantage you should separately contest against a reduced resistance. Your GM should adjust the resistance to reflect your superior numerical advantage.

As above, if in doubt, the GM should think of the resistance that would be dramatically appropriate for a one-on-one confrontation and then adjust it with a penalty of -3, -6, or -9 depending on how significantly you outnumber them. As above, note that unless your opponent is extraordinarily large, you cannot confront them physically with more than about six people (include followers) or socially with about two people (again include followers) or people just get in each other’s way.


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