2.14 Mass Effort

Clashes of massive forces resolve like any other contest, simple or long. These include:

  • Military engagements
  • Corporate struggles for market share • Building competitions
  • Efforts to spread a faith or ideology • Dance competitions

If you are not participating in the contest and have no stake in its outcome, then your GM doesn’t bother to run a contest. The GM just chooses an outcome for dramatic purposes.

Otherwise, your GM will start by determining your degree of influence over the outcome. They are either:

  • Determining factors: The success of the effort depends mostly on your choices and successes. For example, you might be a military leader facing a force of roughly equal potency. As all else is equal, the better general will win the day. In this instance, your tactic should be a relevant leadership ability.
  • Contributors: One of the forces enjoys a clear advantage over the others, but your efforts may tip the balance in favor of a chosen side. Your GM will give you a TN to roll against that represents the strength of your force, but you can augment that TN with an appropriate leadership ability.
  • Acted Upon: You have little influence over the outcome, but are stuck in the middle of the conflict and must struggle to prosper within it. The GM predetermines the outcome of the overall competition on dramatic grounds. To determine your fate in the battle, you contest against a resistance determined by the GM, derived from the overall battle outcome.


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