2.7 Resistance Progression

Your GM may decide that resistance to your actions gets harder, as the campaign progresses. This reflects the trope of the type of challenges you face getting tougher as you improve.

Your GM should adopt a strategy that mimics a TV show where the resistance does not increase during a season of the show, allowing our protagonists to get more competent as the show progresses towards its climax. In the next season though the resistance usually goes up, and the writers reflect this with more challenging opposition in the new season of the show. At the same time, the opposition that was tough in the first season, now become mooks that can be easily dispatched to show the increased competence of the protagonists.

In that case your GM should increment the resistance by +3, +6 or +9 for the next campaign you play with the same characters. The size of the change should reflect the increase in your previous abilities in the last campaign. For example, if in the last season you increased your occupation keyword by +6, your GM may decide to increase the resistance by +3 or +6 to reflect the more challenging opposition in the new campaign. Your GM should also take into account that the opposition you were improving with respect to in the previous season should now be considered more-easily defeated mooks, and use lower ratings for them when they appear in the story.

2.7.1 No Progression

Your GM may also decide that the resistances do not get harder as the campaign progresses, reflecting the PCs ability to disregard minor challenges, and simply choose harder resistances to challenge the players.


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