3.1 As-You-Go Method

  1. Concept

The concept is a brief phrase, often just a couple of words that tells the GM and other players what you do and how you act. Start with a noun or phrase indicating your occupation keyword or area of expertise, and modify it with an adjective suggesting a distinguishing characteristic, a personality trait that defines you in broad strokes:

  • haughty priestess
  • hotshot lawyer
  • noble samurai
  • remorseful assassin
  • sardonic ex-mercenary
  • slothful vampire
  • naive warrior
  1. Now provide your character with a name.
  2. If the series uses other keywords, such as those for culture or religion, you may gain one for free.
  3. When events in the story put you in a situation where you want to overcome a story obstacle, make up an applicable ability on the spot. The first time you use an ability (including the two you start play with: distinguishing characteristic and occupational keyword), assign a rating to it. This may be a breakout ability from a keyword. You are restricted to only one sidekick.
  4. If you want, describe flaws.
  5. Once you have 12 abilities (including the two for character concept), and up to three flaws you are done creating your character.


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