3.2 Assigning Ability Ratings

You have now defined your abilities. These tell everyone what you can do. Now assign numbers to each ability, called ratings, which determine how well you can do these things.

Assign a starting rating of 17 to the ability you find most important or defining. Although most players consider it wisest to assign this rating to their occupational keyword, you don’t have to do this. Assign a rating of 17 to your distinguishing characteristic. In some cases, you may treat your distinguishing characteristic as a breakout ability from a keyword in this case, treat it as a +4.

All other abilities start at a rating of 13.

Now spend up to 20 points to increase any of your various ratings, including keywords. Each point spent increases a rating by 1 point. You can’t spend more than 10 points on any one ability.

Some genre packs may require you to have additional keywords that reflect the setting. These additional keywords come from the 12 abilites allowance, so in many genres you will have fewer wildcard abilities but better fit the setting.


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