3.4 Flaws

You may assign up to three flaws to their PC. Common flaws include:

  • Personality traits: surly, petty, compulsive.
  • Physical challenges: blindness, lameness, diabetes.
  • Social hurdles: outcast, ill-mannered, hated by United supporters.

Flaws are assigned a rating equivalent to your abilities. The first flaw is rated at the highest ability, the second shares the same rating as the second-highest ability, and the third equals the lowest ability.

Certain keywords include flaws. Flaws gained through keywords do not count against the limit of three chosen flaws. All flaws after the third are given the same rating as the third ability. You may designate flaws from keywords as your first or second-ranked flaw. When flaws manifest during play, your GM places you in a contest against them, and rolls their associated ratings as resistances to your efforts. This method applies to flaws that primarily present you with additional story obstacles to overcome.

Your GM may decide during play that certain flaws are better expressed as penalties to your attempts to overcome other resistances. Divide the value by 5 and round (a flaw of 19 imposes a –4 penalty). This is appropriate where the player specifies that your ability to solve problems drops under certain specific conditions. Examples might include:

  • Tongue-tied in large gatherings.
  • Lousy with a stick shift.
  • Can’t stand snakes.


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