3.6 List Method

  1. Concept

The concept is a brief phrase, often just a couple of words that tells the GM and other players what you do and how you act. When in doubt, start with a noun or phrase indicating your occupation, and modify it with an adjective suggesting a distinguishing characteristic:

  • haughty priestess
  • hotshot lawyer
  • noble samurai
  • remorseful assassin
  • sardonic ex-mercenary
  • slothful vampire
  • naive warrior
  1. Now provide the character with a name.
  2. Note their occupation, which is usually a keyword. You probably already picked this when you came up with your character concept.
  3. If the series uses other keywords, such as those for culture or religion, you may have one of them for free.
  4. Pick 10 additional abilities, describing them however the player wants. Only one of these abilities may be a sidekick.
  5. If you want, describe up to 3 flaws.


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