5.6 Extended vs Scored Contests vs Chained Contests

We recommend that your GM chooses one form of long contest only, and sticks to it, within a given campaign of QuestWorlds. If in doubt, use a scored contest by default.

Scored contests have the advantage of speed and simplicity. Extended contests have the advantage of each exchange allowing both parties to take turns acting, over your GM adjudicating who has the initiative; the bidding system also adds drama. Chained contests offer the benefit of grittier exchanges where the outcomes of each round have impact, as opposed to being ‘cosmetic’ until the end of the contest.

Scored contests require more interpretation by your GM, to determine who has the initiative and describe the nature of the next round. Extended contests drama comes at the cost of increased complexity, and some harder to interpret corner cases. Chained contests create a death spiral which can be hard to break out of.

Both scored contests and chained contests can be used as an escalating contest, see §2.8.2


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