A follower is a supporting character that travels with you and contributes on a regular basis to your success.

There are two types of followers: sidekicks and retainers.

Followers need not be people, or even sentient beings: you can write up a spirit guardian, trusty robot, or companion animal as a follower.

6.5.1 Sidekick

A sidekick is a supporting character under your control. Most of the time they stay at your side to render assistance, but they can also go off and perform errands or missions on their own.

You should give your sidekick a name. You should, when asked, explain how the sidekick came to be your follower, and why they continue in that role.

Sidekicks start with three abilities, one rated at 16 and the others at 13. Any of these abilities may be a keyword. At least one of them should indicate a distinguishing characteristic.

If the sidekick is nonhuman or a member of an unusual culture, one of its three starting abilities must be its species or culture keyword.

Once you have determined the sidekick’s base abilities, they allocate 15 additional points between three of them, spending no more than 10 on any one ability.

You can improve these abilities through the expenditure of hero points.

You may use any of your sidekick’s abilities as your own. The sidekick can go off and do things without you.

6.5.2 Replacing Lost Sidekicks

As a consequence of defeats in which they participated, sidekicks can be killed or leave your service permanently.

Defeat in physical contests can lead to literal death. Metaphorical deaths from non-violent contests indicate a break you. The sidekick may angrily withdraw from your service, but is more likely to sorrowfully retire. You may be able to bring a sidekick back from metaphorical death by overcoming story obstacles.

If you lose a sidekick, you may create a new one without needing to spend a hero point. You must explain how the new sidekick has come to be your new follower.

You may find it convenient to promote retainers to sidekick status, giving them names and personalities, with a sudden improvement in abilities and ratings to match.

6.5.3 Retainers

A retainer is a more or less anonymous servant or helper. You may specify a single retainer, or, where appropriate to your character concept, an entire staff of them.

Like any other ability, a retainer ability allows you to overcome relevant story obstacles by engaging in a contest. To model the contribution of retainers, when you are acting, you can use them to augment your ability. Your GM can rule that consequences of defeat apply to retainers.

Retainers generally regard you with all the affection and loyalty due to an employer or master. If you treat them more poorly than is expected for their culture, your GM should increase the resistance class of attempts to make use of their talents.

If you lose retainers for any reason, you can replace them simply by providing a convincing explanation of how you go about it.


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