6.6 Relationships as Flaws

Certain relationships with supporting characters act as flaws. They impose obligations on you, prompting your GM to present you with story obstacles you have no choice but to overcome.

6.6.1 Dependents

A dependent is a person, usually a family member or loved one, who requires your aid and protection. Your GM should periodically create storylines in which your dependent is endangered.

Rather than taking a dependent as a flaw, you may find it more fruitful to specify the nature of your relationship as an ability, such as Love for Wife or Love for Son.

6.6.2 Adversaries

An adversary is a rival, enemy or other individual who can be relied upon to periodically disrupt your plans.

The adversary’s goals are probably the opposite of yours, although they could be a bitter rival within the same community, organization, or movement.

To treat an adversary as an ability, rather than a flaw, describe your emotional response to them. Examples: Hates Leonard Crisp, Fears the Electronaut, Sworn Vengeance Against Heimdall. That way, you still inspire your GM to add the plot elements you desire, but can use your antipathy toward the enemy to augment your target numbers against them.


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