7.2 Advanced Hero Points

An advanced option for hero points allow greater player authorship in the game.

7.2.1 Plot Edits

QuestWorlds is a co-operative game, and you may create details about the setting as the normal part of narration. Your GM should allow this, as long as they do not break credibility. So, you may describe your PC walking over to the pot of soup bubbling on the fire, swiping a drink from the tray the waiter is carrying at the governor’s ball, or taking the monorail to the next city to continue your investigation. Your GM should allow these additions without interruption, providing it does not confer significant advantage to your PC. Mostly this will be using elements that have already been established as part of the setting.

A plot edit is a more significant moment of good fortune that you wish to narrate, that provides advantage to your PC. You are not just describing something that is plausible in the environment, but something whose existence aids you in overcoming story obstacles or uncovering secrets.

A plot edit might be thought of as ‘fate’ or ‘luck.’

Spending hero points for a plot edit allows you to modify the setting or environment in your PC’s favor. The chance encounter in the street with an NPC, favorable weather, car keys in the sun visor, the forthcoming eclipse, the wind that fills the sails.

Your GM is the arbitrator of whether a plot edit is allowed. It should not suspend the disbelief of the other players in the game or setting or hamper their enjoyment. It should not derail or short-circuit the game’s entertainment. The plot edit should, by contrast, be something that enhances the story for all the players.

The cost, in hero points, of a plot edit, is given by the following table. PLOT EDIT TABLE

Level Cost Impact Example
Minor 1 A credible change that does not alter the situation but offers an edge that could be exploited The space suit your PC grabbed from the rack during the escape was a belter’s suit with powerful headlamps
Moderate 2 A substantive change that does not alter the situation but offers an alternate avenue for resolution The gate guard at the secret government facility tonight is an old war buddy established by the PC in a prior scene and cemented as a relationship
Major 3 A substantive change that does not flow from previously established facts in the story. A deus ex machina change The XO of the Patrol ship is an old drinking buddy of your PC, a fact not previously established in play
Extreme 5 A stroke of good fortune that is unrelated to prior events and resolves a conflict or reveals a secret The vampire has failed to notice the approaching sun rise, which disintegrates them just as they are about to drain the incapacitated PC


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