8. (Advanced) Community Resources and Support

Some series revolve around the relationship between a band of influential figures and the community they protect. In defense of the community, they can bolster, expend, and juggle its various resources.

These advanced rules allow your GM to track the rise and fall of the fortunes of your community, and your impact on them.

If your GM intend to play a game centered around a community, you should have a relationship ability to that community.

It is possible that you have relationships with other communities that are not the focus of play. Treat these relationships as abilities that you can call on, but your GM should not track these communities with these rules. Your GM should pick the level of community that provides the greatest dramatic potential from its competition for resources, friendly or otherwise, with its rivals.

Some campaigns do not center on a community, with the adventurers being footloose wanderers. In that case, even if you have community abilities, your GM will not track any community. Before you decide this though, consider where your PCs might turn for help, succor, or aid. Is there somewhere in the campaign defined as a place of refuge and safety for you. It may well be that there is a community, the bar where other footloose adventurers all meet, who will help each other out in a tight spot for example, that your GM can model.