9.2 Version Changes

Version 2.2

These are the major changes in this version of the rules

  • Clarified that contest results are only reciprocal between PCs. When the contest is against a resistance set by the GM, the results indicate whether the PC gains the prize, and the GM narrates the result for the resistance based on this.
  • Rephrased the contest results to emphasize: Yes, No, And…, But…, This change is designed to dissuade GMs from misunderstanding that the prize is obtained on a marginal victory, one of the most common result types, and instead encourage GMs to allow PCs to fail forward on such a result by introducing downstream complications.
  • Provided clarity that consequences of defeat and benefit of victory are optional and the GM should focus on using the prize to narrate the outcome of a contest, only applying mechanical benefits if they make sense.
  • Specific Ability Bonuses are dropped. They were hard for the GM to adjudicate and the same intent is better served by using a stretch on a broad ability when contesting against a PC with a more specific ability.
  • A winning group in a Group Simple Contest does not suffer a Consequence of Defeat as a result of a low RP difference victory any more, the GM should narrate consequences from the level of victory, if appropriate.
  • Dropped the negative consequences for the winner in an Extended Contest during the Rising Action. If the winner is a PC the degree of success already suggests consequences in addition to the prize on a marginal victory. So this rule is an over-complication.
  • Made it clear that only a PC should use a parting shot, not the resistance.
  • Long contests include both extended contest and scored contests. Between version 1 and version 2 extended contests switched to scored contests, this approach restores both variants, but requires changing the generic name to a long contest.
  • Dropped edges and handicaps from extended contests – we use a resistance not stats, so makes no sense to have edges and handicaps
  • Added alternate mechanisms for determining if resistance advances and when
  • Added story-based resistance mechanics
  • Added story-based improvements
  • Added States of Fortune to mirror States of Adversity. Overall mirrored benefits and consequences more closely
  • Added Escalating Contests
  • Added Mythic Russia’s Plot Edits
  • Added Mythic Russia’s Pyrrhic Victories for Extended Contests but as Climatic Contests
  • Changed degree of success and failure, to degree of victory and defeat, as success and failure are for individual rolls, victory and defeat once compared.
  • Simplified how multiple opponents are handled
  • Clarified contest outcomes for long contests, and how to determine the overall winner in a long contest
  • Do not allow transfers in an extended contest where the abilities differ by 6 or more. Consistent with benefits of victory and prevents ‘loading up on mooks’ as a strategy.
  • Added new resistance classes to preserve the +3, +6, +9 model used elsewhere. Some classes will now have a different value from those that appeared in prior versions. You should be aware of this when interpreting resistance suggestions in older texts.


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