Using the QuestWorlds SRD

This is the first part of Section 0.1 of the SRD, it outlines how you may use this work.

0.1 Legal Information

The QuestWorlds System Reference Document 0.1 (“QWSRD0.1”) describes the rules of QuestWorlds. You may incorporate the rules as they appear in QWSRD0.1, wholly or in part, into a derivative work, through the use of the QuestWorlds Open Game License, Version 1.0. You should read and understand the terms of that License before creating a derivative work from QWSRD0.1.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, the Open Source Initiative, and Creative Commons for their work in creating the framework behind Open Source (and in this case Open Game) licenses. You should be aware that the QuestWorlds Open Game License for use of the QuestWorlds system differs from the Wizards Open Game License and has different terms and conditions.

0.1.1 Using This License

You should note that this is version of 0.1 of the QuestWorlds System Reference Document. We expect to release revised versions of this SRD, especially after development of Chaosium’s upcoming QuestWorlds Core Book. When we release the QuestWorlds Core Book we will update the version designation to 1.0, indicating that the SRD reflects the text published in that book. If you are developing materials for QuestWorlds projects you may want to bear this in mind. We will track any changes to the SRD at

Once we release SRD version 1.0 we expect that to be stable for some time.

If you have questions about this license, please reach out to Moon Design at

Please read the complete licence here